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  •   How long are the pieces and where do I buy them?
    You can’t buy them. The breaks you see every 3’ are expansion/control joints. Every curb job is poured on site using our Curbing machines. All designs and colors are different; please visit our wed site for more details  How deep do you dig and what type of base do you use?
    We dig between 1-2 inches deep and about 10 inches wide using a Trencher. This is done without damaging your landscape beds or shrubbery. We use it to cut an even path along your landscape beds to ensure a level installation. We will sometimes add a small layer of topsoil or sand under the curb to ensure the level of the curb. If the ground should shift or settle in any way over time, the control joints help controls the cracking. What makes concrete curbing so attractive is the fact that its one continuous piece of concrete. Individual blocks or bricks will shift over time What about materials use for better Curbing?

     · Portland Cement Type I/II cements, which can provide adequate levels of strength and durability, also the most popular cements used by concrete producers. · Our curbs are mixed with a fiber mesh reinforcement, which is designed to take the place of rebar or steel.  · All of the colors are added to the concrete during mixture. There is no painting or staining. Our colors will not flake off or disappear over time. All of our colors are iron oxide pigments that are mixed into the concrete during the mixing process. · We also install control joints every 3-4 feet, therefore if the ground moves, the curb with crack at these joints. · Efflort Guard is an anti-Efflorescent to avoid this Natural Occurrence (white powder substance). Sometimes appears on concrete surfaces. · Mineral Spirits, is a petroleum distillate used for cleaning and degreasing after the concrete is poured.  · We apply a commercial semi gloss grade clear SEALER to keep it free of impurities, to all colored and stamped curbs after installation. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call. Toll Free 1-877-357-1918 or 772-285-7557 Kurbing LLC   
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